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Fighting For Your Rights In Sex Crime Cases

Last updated on August 12, 2021

Sex offenses carry serious consequences if you are convicted. Not only are you facing jail time and fines, but you may be required to register as a sex offender, which would be visible to potential employers, landlords, neighbors and any other members of the public. To protect your rights and future, it is crucial to talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney about your options.

At Johnson Law Firm, I confidently handle all aspects of criminal law cases, including misdemeanor and felony sex crimes. I am attorney Brian Clay Johnson, and I use my over 10 years of experience to zealously pursue a resolution to the case. Whether negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecution or take the case to trial, your best interests are always at the heart of the work that I do. I examine all aspects of the situation, from the validity of witness statements to any potential false allegations that were made, to ensure your side of the story is being told.

Types Of Sex Offenses In Tennessee

There are many types of crimes that constitute sex crimes in the state of Tennessee. Some of these offenses include:

  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Attempted rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Prostitution
  • Solicitation
  • Solicitation of a minor
  • Internet solicitation or enticement of a minor
  • Sexual battery
  • Possession or distribution of child pornography

Registering As A Sex Offender

If you are convicted of a sex offense in Tennessee, you will most likely be required to have your name added to the state sex offender registry. Established in 1994 as a tool for police and other law enforcement officials to track known offenders, the registry is now public and used to place restrictions on where a sex offender can live, work, visit and more.

The sex offender registry is one of the reasons it is essential to have aggressive, comprehensive representation when facing any type of sex crime charges. I work to defend your rights and attempt to keep you off the registry whenever possible to ensure your future is minimally impacted.

Take Action To Protect Yourself

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