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I Am A Vigorous Defender Of Your Rights

If you are facing criminal charges, you want an attorney who will be your zealous defender for your your rights. The best attorney for you is someone who can guide you through the complexities of Tennessee’s legal system. I am attorney Brian Clay Johnson, and I have been practicing law for over a decade in our state. This means I know how to work for you and your family.


Meet Brian Clay Johnson

You might be asking yourself: why should I choose you as my attorney? There are several reasons, but the most important is that I am a former prosecutor, a former Assistant District Attorney and a former Special Assistant U.S. Attorney. That gives me a unique perspective that can make the difference in complex and difficult criminal .

I spent a large part of my career on as a prosecutor, and I know how they build their cases. I can offer you a perspective that only a few defense attorneys can. My experience lets me think like the attorney on the other side. I know how they collect evidence and their likely tactics. I can create a customized strategy designed specifically for you.

Accused Of A Crime? My Experience Could Be The Difference.

From our initial consultation and throughout your defense, I will work for you and fight for your interests and rights. I have prosecuted and defended clients in a broad array of serious felony charges, ranging from DUI to aggravated assault charges. I can offer a legal experience for anyone fighting high stakes criminal charges.

If you are facing DWI or DUI charges, I can offer you a proven record and specialized training that could help your case. I have studied DUI defense. That training has made a difference for my clients. I have a proven record winning DUI cases that have been tried before juries.

I have a reputation as a passionate and strategic legal representative for my clients. I can offer you thorough representation. I am available to help you, in and out of court, through criminal cases. Call me at 731-260-8235 or send in our email.