How to beat a drug charge in Tennessee

How to beat a drug charge in Tennessee

On Behalf of | May 13, 2024 | Drug Charges

People get arrested for many different minor mistakes. An individual does not need to cause harm to another person to be at risk of criminal prosecution in Tennessee. All it takes is the simple possession of controlled substances.

Tennessee state law prohibits the possession and use of a variety of different substances. The law also has numerous regulations controlling the use and possession of various other prescribed medications. Individuals who possess a prohibited drug or who have a controlled substance without a valid prescription could face arrest and prosecution in Tennessee.

How can someone accused of illegal activity with controlled substances fight back against the drug charges that they face?

By reviewing and addressing the evidence

Any criminal case depends on evidence gathered by law enforcement professionals. That evidence could vary from someone’s telecommunications with others to the items found in their pockets during a search. Defendants in Tennessee have the right of discovery, which means that prosecutors should give them access to the state’s evidence prior to trial. It is often possible for defendants to challenge certain evidence.

Some defense strategies involve expert witnesses who reanalyze and reinterpret state evidence. Other defense strategies might focus on excluding evidence because police officers broke the law or violated someone’s civil rights during an investigation. Undermining evidence and keeping it out of the courtroom can help someone avoid a conviction.

By pursuing drug court proceedings

In some cases, the evidence for a drug case is relatively strong. However, the person accused may acknowledge that they have a substance abuse disorder. In Tennessee, there are adult treatment courts that focus on helping people address substance abuse issues that lead to criminal charges.

By partnering with a lawyer

Regardless of whether someone wants to go to trial, negotiate with the state or seek treatment through the courts, they likely require support. A criminal defense attorney can help someone explore these and other potential options. They can handle the necessary negotiations and paperwork so that a defendant doesn’t have to worry about small mistakes undermining their defense strategy.

Choosing to fight back against pending drug charges is the first step toward beating those charges in criminal court. Defendants who maintain their innocence may need to consider other options beyond pleading guilty to resolve their issues as effectively as possible.